18 November 2023

  • 50 min Italian
    🚪 Great Hall

    Develop a Second Brain

    Do you need to enhance productivity? create flows? Increase your ability to capture, remember and benefit from the unprecedented amount of information all around you? For the first time in history, we have instantaneous access to the world’s knowledge. There has never been a better time to learn, to contribute, and to improve ourselves. Yet, rather than feeling empowered, we are often left feeling overwhelmed by this constant influx of information. The very knowledge that was supposed to set us free has instead led to the paralyzing stress of believing we’ll never know or remember enough. Let’s understand together how you can easily develop your own personal system for knowledge management, otherwise known as a Second Brain. As a trusted and organized digital repository of your most valued ideas, notes, and creative work synced across all your devices and platforms, a Second Brain gives you the confidence to tackle your most important projects and ambitious goals. Discover the full potential of your ideas and translate what you know into more powerful, more meaningful improvements in your work and life by developing a Second Brain.

    Michela Bertaina

    Michela Bertaina

    Community Manager EMEA @ Codemotion| TEDx Cuneo & Italian Community Manager Summit Organizer | WTM Ambassador | GDG Bari Lead | Tourism Councilor @ Cissone