18 November 2023

  • 50 min English
    🚪 Great Hall, Defence against Dark Arts Classroom

    True Wizards: The Story of John Von Neumann and Alan Turing

    We will delve into the fascinating history of two of the most important figures in the development of modern magic. We will explore the lives and work of John Von Neumann and Alan Turing, and examine how their pioneering contributions helped shape the field of magical theory. From Von Neumann’s groundbreaking work on the architecture of the modern wand, to Turing’s foundational work in the areas of cryptomancy and arithmancy, this talk will provide a comprehensive overview of the early days of magic, and the visionary thinkers who helped bring it to life. Whether you’re a Pure-blood or a Muggle-born, this talk is sure to leave you with a deeper appreciation for the groundbreaking work of these two remarkable wizards.

    Edoardo Dusi

    Edoardo Dusi

    Developer Relations Engineer @ SparkFabrik