Take part in our Gamification experience!

Download our App, get sorted by the Sorting Hat in one of our houses and start facing the challenges we have planned for Devfest Pescara 2023!

Download the App

You can download the App from the stores:

How to participate

Participating in the house tournament is simple: download our App, log in via a social account (Google, Facebook, X, Apple) and let the Sorting Hat sort you into one of the houses. Will you be as curious as a Kerasdor? Or will you have the strength of a Pytherin? Will you be as curious as a Dashclaw or have the determination of a Gopherpuff? Once sorted into one of the houses, the tournament begins! Request that the App assign you a quest, interact with other participants, with one of the Professors or with a Sponsor, and get points for your house! Each quest will have a maximum execution time, indicated by the App from time to time. We recommend, however, that you cast a “release” spell if you think you won’t be able to complete a quest. In fact, some of these involve queues, and it is right to give everyone the opportunity to play.

The types of quests

We have planned different types of quests:

  • Quest with Professor: when you are assigned a quest with a Professor, the App will provide you with instructions to begin the interaction. You will have to find the Professor, follow the instructions received and participate in the lesson. Participation in the lessons will guarantee a total of 10 points per lesson
  • Quiz on lessons: pay close attention to our Professors’ lessons! After following them, the application may assign you quizzes. Find the correct QrCode using the clue provided, scan it, and you will be asked a question to answer with one of the 4 options presented. For each correct answer, you will bring 5 points to your house
  • Quiz on the talks: following the talks is very important. The App will be able to ask questions on talks that have already ended, always following the QR Code mechanism to find and scan in order to have the question. Pay attention to these quizzes. Each correct answer is worth 15 points! And if the question you are asked refers to a talk that you haven’t had the opportunity to follow, don’t be discouraged. You can always look for the speaker and ask him for the necessary clarifications to be able to provide the right answer
  • Information gathering quests: there are quests that will require you to solve problems, to carry out certain actions to have all the information necessary to provide a final answer. Follow the instructions carefully and be careful that our Confundus spells do not lead you to the wrong answers
  • Interaction quests: the quests that we enjoy the most! The App may ask you to interact with other participants, to scan their QrCode, to expand your network. Be careful, though! Will he ask you to just find some Pytherins? Or maybe members of your own house? Houses different from yours? Or just staff members?


Interact with sponsors! Approach the stands, meet the partners of our Devfest. You’ll earn extra points as you learn about the realities that made our conference possible!

Community dinner

During the Community Dinner we will have the opportunity to carry out team building activities. Our Professors have worked hard to value networking. We cannot give you spoilers: with a spell of oblivion they have removed from our minds all the information on the games that will be offered.

Extra points

At any time, the Staff will have the possibility to assign points, for the reasons that will be specified during the assignment itself. Actively participate in the conference, ask questions, interact! It’s the best way to get noticed and earn extra points!

Point recognition

The recognition of points will be automatic for answers to quests that include quizzes. For all other quests, however, as well as for extra points, Professors, Sponsors or Staff will need to scan your QrCode in order to assign you points. Your QR Code will be available in your profile section within our App


Do you have a Nimbus ticket? Wow! It’s clear that you can’t wait to attend Devfest! Well, then all your scores have a multiplier of 1.3! And that’s not enough! While carrying out some quests or team building activities you will be able to discover other multipliers to unlock.